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Rebecca Krogmann

About me

Content creator for social media.

I am a real estate agent with a long background in multimedia and brand design with a bachelor from KEA (School of Design and Technology) in Copenhagen.

The last couple of years I have worked a lot with content for social media, videos/animation as well as brand consulting to create brand awareness and recognition.


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Rebecca is fantastic to work with...

She has a positive attitude and the ambition “No problem, I’ll fix it”. She always finds good solutions and has always done really good work in everything she takes on.

- Nanne Grönvall

Very collaborative...

I’ve worked with Rebecca on web projects, video projects, and music projects, and she’s astonishingly talented in all those arenas and more - and a pleasure to work with. Very collaborative too, which I like.

- Jude Gold

Rebecca Krogmann
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Rebecca Krogmann